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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nats are a cheap date

A budding bat boy ponders the meaning of baseball at the Nationals' game Friday night in Washington. "Should he bunt or hit a line drive?" Hmmmm.../Patricia Leslie

Ticket:  $5

Beer, nice and cold and a big one, too:  $5 ( at the Miller Lite bar before the first pitch)

Dog:  $2.50 with some mustard (no charge)

Now where else you gonna get in this cheap in Washington, D.C.?  With ice cold brew and a dog for dinner?

And I haven't even mentioned the game.  All I've mentioned are the eats and treats, but there was the game, too, the entertainment, the reason we came!  (Or was it?) The Nats beat San Diego 8 - 5.  The Nats are on fire now, for sure.  And the Braves lost to the Phillies.  Take that, Braves.

$5 tall iced brews drew a crowd before the first pitch Friday night at the Nationals game/Patricia Leslie

The crowd at Nationals Stadium ain't your typical Kennedy Center audience, but that's all right, Mama:  It's why we love D.C.!  So much to do and so many places to go, and you can do it without a loan at the bank, and sit back and enjoy and eat and sip and watch. My kind of place, Washington is.  Forget about those bullies up on Capitol Hill who spy on us. 

Early in the game the stands had not filled up yet, but by the fourth, about 75% of the seats were occupied, and how about this view? For a $12.50 night, not too bad/Patricia Leslie

Early in the game our boy Bryce Harper pondered...? Maybe he was thinking about Gavin Rupp, 13, a terminally ill cancer patient, who threw out the first pitch, and with whom Harper spent an hour before the game, out on the field, playing ball/Patricia Leslie

Bryce Harper later had "a swing and a miss" but batted in a run with a sacrifice fly.  Manager Davey Johnson gave Harper the rest of the weekend off.  Update:  Bryce tweeted "Play me or trade me," and he played Saturday/Patricia Leslie

Meanwhile, the empire chastises the Padres' pitcher, Andrew Cashner, after he hit Gio Gonzalez who walks to first base. "And don't let it happen again!"/Patricia Leslie
The ball is headed that way, says Adam LaRouche at bat while Jayson Werth waits in the wings/Patricia Leslie

Jayson Werth does the splitsville.  Do you like his beard?  I can't stand it.  Is he going to keep it until the Nats win the World Series?/Patricia Leslie

Jayson Werth makes a hit and takes off/Patricia Leslie

Whoops!  Another calamity among Capitol Hill chaps in the outfield/Patricia Leslie

The Nats make it to first, again!/Patricia Leslie

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