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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'Book dating' in Reston

Book dating at the Reston Public Library/Patricia Leslie

At the Reston Public Library's "book dating" night, the ratio of women to men was about 3 - 1, per the D.C. norm, but I don't think sex was on the minds of attendees too much. It was books which drew us together.

Books and more books.

The event worked rather like musical chairs, except no chairs were removed, and we spent four minutes chatting about our book loves with the stranger seated across from us.  (The inner circle of fans moved, while those of us in the outer lines stayed put.) 

Friends of the Reston Public Library and Harris Teeter provided treats/Patricia Leslie
Three minutes was the initial time allotted for each "couple" to discuss books, but that rapidly gave way to four minutes which the group, about 40, requested,  and the librarians quickly agreed.  (The fantastic librarians were not only skillful event planners, but listeners and order takers, too.) 

I took two from my current crop of library books to share and was definitely in the minority since everyone I talked with brought their own personal books which I found shocking.  No library users at the library?  (No e-readers were mentioned or spotted.  After all, what would you show?  "Here, have a look at my screen.")

Finally, I met some people who read spiritual books, sci fi, self-help, and contemporary fiction (and admit it), and all of them knew who Pat Summitt is and a few knew a little about Peter the Great.  (Yes, he was 6'7" and had a tic.)

Ages ranged from early 20s to 70s, I would say, and people came from as far away as Manassas, another shocker.  One woman, a very attractive 40-year-old or so with long, dark hair, said she's a member of four (!) book clubs and never goes out because she'd rather read.  She had read every book I mentioned, I think.  She likes all genres!

Probably the best benefit to me, besides learning there really are people who read contemporary fiction, was introduction to a woman from eastern Europe who gave me tips about visiting Russia and securing a visa.  Good grief!  It's no wonder Edward Snowden is stuck in the Moscow airport.  He's probably still running around in circles trying to figure out how much money to pay, where to pay it, and filling in all those security sheets.   Like, trying to remember the name of your first grade classmate who sat beside you and was suspended for attaching chewing gum to the bottom of her chair. 

But, back to books:  Smiles all around at the library revealed a good time was had by all.  The Tysons regional branch hosted a similar event a couple of months ago. 

Thank you, Fairfax County Public Libraries!  I love you!

P.S.  Come to think of it, I saw no wedding bands.  So, maybe, some came for more than books?

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