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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving at Great Falls Park

Great Falls Park, McLean, VA, Thanksgiving Day 2012/Patricia Leslie

About half of Northern Virginia (or what seemed like) turned out to walk off pumpkin pie at Great Falls Park on Thanksgiving Day.  It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood with temperature soaring to 60 degrees, and the sun shining brightly.  How many more days like it do we have this season?
Plus, two kayakers were on the water to give onlookers a free show which earned the performers hearty applause and a standing ovation. 

At Great Falls Park on Thanksgiving Day, two kayakers turned out to give onlookers a thrill/Patricia Leslie
They cruised down the Potomac until reaching the falls where they stopped a minute to let the audience catch its breath/Patricia Leslie
They plotted strategy/Patricia Leslie
And plotted some more.../Patricia Leslie
Blue gets ready to make a flying leap while Green waits in the background/Patricia Leslie
Blue ponders the meaning of life/Patricia Leslie
Wait!  What's this? Sufferin' succotash!  Greenie snuck by us all, and there he is at the bottom!/Patricia Leslie
Back up at the top, Blue gets ready to go over.  Dear Blue:  It's too late to turn around/Patricia Leslie
There he goes/Patricia Leslie
"Ahoy, matey!  We made it!"/Patricia Leslie
Onlookers applaud the Potomac Olympians/Patricia Leslie
Meanwhile, back on the Patowmack Canal Trail, the passing lane is a mite overcrowded.  Even a dog has a hard time getting by/Patricia Leslie

But these four Mallards have plenty of room on their double date/Patricia Leslie
And so does the ? A Demoiselle Crane?/Patricia Leslie
Fun and dangerous games on the Potomac at Great Falls Park.  "Daddy, when is my turn?"/Patricia Leslie
/Patricia Leslie

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