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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

President Obama praises volunteers
In a telephone call tonight with 30,000 volunteers across the country, President Barack Obama thanked them for hosting debate parties,  registering voters, and making millions of phone calls and door knocks which helped propel him to victory and a second term in office.

The president credited "the best volunteers" repeatedly throughout his remarks, citing the "unbelievable work" they put out for the campaign "which meant a lot to me personally….We (Joe Biden, Michelle Obama) are all so profoundly grateful for what you did."

He called the output by the volunteers, many of whom worked for years on the 2012 race, "the greatest grassroots effort in the history of the country." 

"You've changed the nature of the electorate," he said, by getting people involved who normally might not have participated.

The campaign had "a lot of ups and downs," and despite skepticism, "you stood by me on good days and on bad days." He mentioned the first debate when "you just kept on going, sacrificing time with your family and friends."
In many cases "you exceeded 2008."

"America is never going to be the same because of what you've done," he said.

"I love you," he repeated several times.  And "I'm so proud of you."  The U.S. "is a better country because of what you did." 

He said one of his pledges for his second term was to get out of Washington more often ("it's good for my soul") and meet more volunteers.

"To all of you, I am so proud of what you guys accomplished. I'll always be inspired by what you did," but "this is not the end," but "a means to a goal." He mentioned the "fiscal cliff" and the upcoming debate to make sure taxes are fair for middle-income families. 

Before the president spoke, Mitch Stewart, director of Organizing for America, thanked listeners for their millions of phone calls and door knocks in the toss-up states which did make a difference.  The campaign rolls on.  The battle's not done.  Yes, we can.  Yes, we did.


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