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Friday, November 9, 2012

Goodnight Republicans

In the dead red room

There was a telephone

And an empty chair

And a picture of

Old white men stoking hot air

And there were nine great states

More than they could tabulate

And big fat cats

Not Democrats

And a map and a bank in a house full of plush

And a jowly old man whispering "Rush"

Goodnight Republicans

Goodnight room

Goodnight Beck flying away on his broom

Goodnight Rove

Goodnight to those who toy in the Grove

Goodnight past and bad forecasts

Goodnight Big House and days of yore

We remember what you did to Al Gore

Goodnight Fox, your squawks, your hawks

Goodnight Mr. Nobody, and goodnight slush

Goodnight to the old men who cry "Rush!"

Goodnight stars goodnight air

We welcome voters everywhere

Goodnight to days of yesteryear

Come here and vote

It's free and clear

Goodnight hot air

Goodnight Republican nightmare

With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown and Goodnight Moon

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