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Monday, September 12, 2016

Bryce Harper blows a big one Saturday night v. Phillies

At Saturday's night game of the Nationals v. the Phillies, outfielder and baseball star Bryce Harper blew a big one to get things rolling in Washington, D.C.

Who makes that gum?  The manufacturer might think about selling it ("Bryce's Gum"?) since it may be the secret sauce behind the home run he hit in the eighth to bring in two more runs and win the game, 3-0.  Nice job, Bryce!/Photo by Patricia Leslie
 Bryce Harper in the outfield, Nationals v. Phillies, Washington, D.C., Sept. 10, 2016/Photo by Patricia Leslie
 Whatsis?  Bryce got a yo-yo in his mouth?Photo by Patricia Leslie
 Another fun night at the game! Sure was glad I was on the lower level where you can buy $6.50 beer v. that high priced stuff on the upper levels ($9)/Photo by Patricia Leslie
 Hold on, looks like another one's comin'!/Photo by Patricia Leslie
 And another!/Photo by Patricia Leslie
One more! Durn it all, I missed some big blows.  Whatever, we appreciate the fine finish you made on the game, Bryce!  Thank you very much/Photo by Patricia Leslie

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