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Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Confederate cemetery in Castlewood, VA

A private Confederate cemetery in Castlewood, VA/Photo by Patricia Leslie
A private Confederate cemetery in Castlewood, VA/Photo by Patricia Leslie  

The six soldiers whose graves are pictured above fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War (1861-1865), and five were members of the Kentucky Calvary.  (It's possible that the sixth, Samuel W. Goode, fought with the Kentucky Calvary, but identification on his marker on the far left is difficult to make out in the photograph.)  

Beginning on the left with Mr. Goode's grave are the graves of William H. Garnett (died May 20, 1863), Leroy White (died June 9, 1863), C. J. Edrington (died June 16, 1863),  Henry B. Green (died June 22, 1863), and James W. Johnson (died March 1, 1864).  Garnett, White, Edrington, and Green were members of the Fourth Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, and Johnson was a member of the Tenth.

At the time, Castlewood was spelled "Cassel Woods" where Mr. Edrington died. Mr. Garnett and Mr. White died in Virginia, and that's as far as I have gotten.

Castlewood is a small town in southwestern Virginia, about 45 miles from the Kentucky border.  During the war, Kentucky was a border state, a slave state, which did not secede to join the Confederate States of America.

Although Kentucky Cavaliers in Dixie: Reminiscences of a Confederate Cavalryman (1895) by George Dallas Mosgrove, a member of the Fourth Kentucky Calvary Regiment, is available for purchase online, you can also read it in its entirety online for free, thanks to the Emory University Digital Library Publications Program.  It has a handy search tool.

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