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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where are the Washington Mystics? Part 6

On the Mystics' home page is a photo of their big win Tuesday night over the New York Liberty, 79-46.  You go, girls!

I thought this saga had ended, at least for the year, with Part 5, but no.

Where are the Washington Mystics in the Washington Post?

They ain't pictured, that's where they're not.

Sure, there is a nice story by Gene Wang on Page D3 in yesterday's paper and the picture with it?

Get real. 

Instead of a photo about the Mystics vying for the playoffs in its "most lopsided win of the season" to accompany the article, the editor, asleep at the switch, chose a photo of competitors, teams playing 300 miles away from Washington, which would be Chicago at Connecticut.

Forgetabut the Mystics!  (Don't be fooled by the online story with an old picture of the coach.  The print edition had no Mystics pictured.)

This is just what the newspaper did June 30, 2014 when it ran another photo of competitiors, but not of the Mystics.  What's up, editor?

The Washington Post can't allocate time to locate a wire service photo of the local team who conquered the New York Liberty, 79-46, at Verizon. Coach Mike Thibault said he was able to relax in the fourth quarter because the Mystics were doing so well, like the WAPO photo editor who relaxes in all the quarters.

In the same paper are four photos (color!) about the size of a football, of the Redskins at practice (including the visiting Tom Brady.  Well, la dee-dah.  We don't know what Tom Brady looks like?  We've got to see more of him? (Editor's note:  Not such a bad thing.)  It's a Redskins' story, duh.)

And, three photos of the Nats! 

This omission on the day after the San Antonio Spurs (a men's basketball team) named a woman (!), a woman, Becky Hammon, to become a full-time assistant coach, making her the first woman to become an assistant coach in any of the four men's major professional sports (page A1).

Ladies, when the Washington Post goes cryin' for a federal bailout, I am going to seek an injunction and demand equal space for equal play, favorites be flummoxed. 

Read earlier "Missing Mystics" chapters here:

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And check out the schedule for the last Mystics' regular season games before the playoffs begin:
Friday, August 8, at Indiana
Sunday, August 10, at Connecticut
Wednesday, August 13, v. Chicago at Verizon Center, 11:30 a.m.
Friday, August 15 at Connecticut
Saturday, August 16, v. New York at Verizon Center, 7 p.m.
Show your support for our hometown ladies' team!  Like the Washington Post doesn't.

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