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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Where are the Washington Mystics? Part 4

This fellow was jumping for joy when he heard the Washington Mystics got a story in the Washington Post/Photo by Patricia Leslie

All right, already. 

So the Washington Post ran a story June 30, 2014 with the headline at the top of the page (D3), "Misfiring Mystics lose eighth in past 11."  

You think the Mystics would get that much coverage if they won a game?

No, sista.  You've got to be kidding.  They lost to the San Antonio Stars, 73-65.

But it was a story.

A story. 

A miracle on page D3.

Hold on.


You think the editors used a picture of the Washington Mystics in a story about the Washington Mystics? 

This bears repeating:  
You think the editors used a picture of the Washington Mystics in a story about the Washington Mystics?

That makes sense, no?


You think? 

You think.

 God forbid, WAPO would send a photographer to a Mystics' game. I don't suppose the wire services shot any photos of the Mystics' game and that is why WAPO used a picture of, instead and hold on, the "Liberty." Who's that?  Dunno.  Never identified.  New York or Connecticut?

Oh, come on.  Not really.

Now, just imagine this: 

A newspaper story of the Whatevertheskins' game and no picture of the Skins!  But juxtaposed (rhymes with "panty hose") with the story is a picture of the Dallas Cowboys playing another team! 

No Whatsisskins! 

No hometown team pictured anywhere!

You've got to be kidding.

Or, a story (one of four on the same day) about the Nationals and all you see are tomahawks and Atlanta Braves! 

Or, how about 16 stories (the same day) about Bryce Harper and nothing but pictures of Justin Upton?

Come on! No way!

I tell you, it's the truth.

You think?

I am going to write my favorite legislator and propose Title IX for the newspaper once the newspaper almost goes defunct and has to accept a federal bail-out. 

Hey!  GM got one.  Why not WAPO?  A newspaper run by the government.  Richard Nixon was right, all along.

Next up for the Mystics:

July 2, 7 p.m. v. Indiana Fever at Verizon

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