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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Movie review: 'Enough Said' is boring, boring

James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Enough Said/20th Century Fox
Why did I go?
At Rotten Tomatoes it got a 95% (!) critics' approval rating while the smarter audience gave it an 82%, and even the audience ain't so smart.

I wonder if a sympathy vote was a factor in the critics' vote since the male lead, James Gandolfini of "Sopranos"' fame, died after filming was completed. I apologize but, please, don't let a star's death steer you to Enough Said, the title which describes this lackluster excuse for a movie. 

It's enough to put bullfrogs to sleep. 

This is so predictable, all you need to know is the description: A divorced masseuse meets divorced man whose ex happens to be a client of masseuse, and take it from there.  

No mystery or passion and no questions, please. 

This is so dull, she even knits. Costuming comes straight from the outdoor recycled bins at the dry cleaner's. 

This is a "comedy"?  It's a sad look at middle-age life and how tiresome it can become...if you let it.

This film lacks any redeeming social value and that includes the flat sex. The passion in Enough is enough to freeze melting ice.  But I don't want to understate the case.  If this is hot sex, corn stalks with chives are a lot better and hotter.

It's wild enough to be used as an onscreen laxative.  Nursing home occupants will fall asleep quickly.  Give me some action!  Something to look at and hear.

One nomination, however (and I don't mean to go overboard):

Most boring film of this century

The only plus is the performances of the three "teen" girls.

How could this have possibly been nominated for the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival unless it was meant to calm the mayor while he awaits sentencing by the news media in the torture chamber?

Close to $16 million in revenue for nine weeks = <$2 million/week.  Oh, but that's "limited release."  I can tell you why it's "limited release," all right.  Limit yourselves from wasting time and money on it.

Attention, Julia Louis-Dreyfus:  You can do waaaaaaay better than this.  Enough said.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I got a kick out of your review of the movie "Enough Said" although I disagreed with it. Or rather let's just say my experience seeing it--with my adult daughter--was very different from yours. We went to a matinee and had the theatre to ourselves (I'm imagining your reaction to the empty theatre). We enjoyed the characters, though I found James --the teddy bear type-- more engaging than the women. Wasn’t it just an inevitable plot point to make the ex-wife,Catherine, Julia’s client? It was frustrating that Julia didn't break off the friendship with Catherine when she figured out she was the ex, but then we wouldn't have had that powerful moment when her duplicity was exposed. While you were bored, I was crushed that James' heart was broken. And I felt Julia’s pain of finally understanding the hurt that she had caused. And it didn’t go away; she had to live with it, making the ending so bittersweet.

Patricia Leslie said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for writing. It has dawned on me (!) that, likely, the major problem I found in this movie, which can explain my total lack of interest, was the male lead, Mr. Gandolfini, had no physical attractive factors, and I could not identify in the least with Julia's desire to want to be with him. And sleeping with him would almost necessitate the use of an oxygen mask in order to breathe. "Hold it! I need to pump up again!" George Clooney would have been another matter, but then, who would ever leave George Clooney?