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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nats ignite Friday's sixth inning

Jayson Werth got things soaring for the Nats with a huge hit over the lights in the Nationals 8 - 0 beating of the Miami Marlins Friday night.  (Is it a baseball?  A planet? The moon?) Until the sixth inning, it was a drowsy baseball game/Patricia Leslie
Ryan Zimmerman soon followed up with another big smacker/Patricia Leslie
Bryce Harper ran to second and lost his helmet to the right corner, but he was safe/Patricia Leslie

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night vs. the Braves, someone hit a foul which landed in the Anacostia River/Patricia Leslie

Hey, what was up with those presidents Friday night? President Abe got so excited about pitcher Jordan Zimmerman's coming two-hit shut-out, he "forgot" and ran the wrong way and missed getting in the picture/Patricia Leslie

President Abe, nevertheless, was able to pull off another stunning upset, racing from the rear and beating everybody to keep his title as the winningest president/Patricia Leslie

At the Tuesday race it looked like Teddy might win the presidents' race, he was so far out in front, but .../Patricia Leslie

Something gray sneaked up and tripped him.  A gray pigeon? A rat? A mayor? Never give up, Teddy!/Patricia Leslie
The winner Tuesday was Abe again (I think)/Patricia Leslie

Not only do fans in the peanut gallery above third and beyond have glass shields and ushers to block their views, but Zorro left his mark for them, too/Patricia Leslie

You can join the fun at today's last two home games of the regular season, a double-header vs. the Marlins.  Start times are 1:35 p.m. and 7:05 p.m.  (Saturday's game was rained out.)

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