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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Movie: 'Mamma Mia'

Moviegoers and Mama lovers, this is not for those who've seen it on stage. Yes, it is as bad as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CBS reviewers claim.

The theatre version is so lovable, you want the movie to entertain and enthrall like the play, but, alas, movies are seldom as good as the stage, and this one follows the pattern.

My cousin called it “camp.” Yes, it is “camp” all right. It is so camp that audience laughter is rampant when Pierce Brosnan sings. Especially in "S.O.S." He was a super trouper to have tried this and must have earned money, money, money for taking the chance. Meryl Streep's singing is almost as bad. The girl (“Sophie,” Amanda Seyfried) has a stunning voice, the only one which works on a professional level.

If you can put aside your musical ears and take a chance on it, you may likely spend a pleasant two hours if you paid the matinee price. And if you are a chick, for “Mamma Mia” is strictly a “chick flick.”

My pal, Rita Faye called it “the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life!” Well, you can only imagine what she has seen (or not seen).

Despite all the criticism that the female stars are too old, their ages made no difference to these dancing queens.

There’s no need to pluck the plot since there isn’t one. You’re reading this since you like “Abba,” right? That’s the plot. Beware: The songs will stick to your mind like brain plaque.

Location expenses will win the Oscar for the lowest location costs for a large-scale movie, since 95 percent of it takes place in a Grecian urn, whoops, Grecian inn. Dear reader, the money saved was not used on voice lessons. It's only money, money, money, honey, honey.

Must reading: The Times’ review by A. O. Scott. (Link above.) It is one of the best movie reviews and should by studied by theatre students everywhere. You need to laugh out loud? Take a read.

In Santa Fe on a Monday night, the audience was a respectable 50 persons or so. Not bad for a camp out night. Based on the number of theatres still showing it locally several weeks after opening, the winner got it all. Thank you for the music.

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