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Monday, August 4, 2008

Crime at the Nats Game

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon yesterday to take my out-of-town family to a Nats game and join friends. For unprofessional fans, our seats were great! Section 202 in the shade on a hot day.

It was our first visit to the glorious new stadium and everything went well, even spreading out with stroller, grand baby, and daughter at the nearby concrete platform with railing to watch the game from a distance and enjoy our picnic of Nats' dogs, chicken wings, fries, water and cold beer.

Everybody was happy and the Nats won! 4-2 vs. Cincinnati. My 16-month-old grandson clapped his little hands and shouted with the crowd.

My pleasure in ball games involves dogs, beer, good conversation, and an occasional look out on the field to see what's going on. I went for my last and second beer of the day to a nearby food stand and gave the cashier $20.50 for a Bud Lite (yes, no Happy Hour pricing), and she gave me $13.00 in change. She then picked up the $1 bills from the drawer, leafed through them, finding a $10 bill in the 1s, and stuffed about $12 in her right shorts pocket. Then she stooped and stayed hidden by the counter top.

Should I have reported it right then and there? To whom? Caused a commotion at the bottom of the sixth in the stands? I pondered: If the transaction was recorded in receipts, and several people have access to the cash drawer, who is charged with stealing? Is anyone? Or are shortages common? It would be easy to avoid ringing up cash purchases by pouring beer from the tap. Who would know? Perhaps employees are instructed to stuff bills in their pockets when the till gets full. Calling Mr. Ethicist.

The government money crimes in D.C. are unceasing and revolting.

Last year I boarded bus 5A at Dulles en route home and watched the bus driver stand and collect $3 in cash from each rider. If exact change is required, why was the bus driver collecting it? I thought drivers were not supposed to handle cash. I reported that one.

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