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Friday, December 2, 2016

'Killed by a book'! Jane Fonda's autobiography

Because I almost was, and that's what a headline could have been about my wreck while I listened to Jane Fonda's My Life So Far (2006), cruisin' along a rural North Carolina two-lane, goin' about 60 or 65 mph and never saw that stop sign 'til I was about 10 feet away.

Jane reads her autobiography on the CD, filled with her life's ups and downs, sex on a plane with Ted Turner (!), the marriages, Ted's cheating, the suicide of her mother when Jane was 14.  It is painful to hear daughter tell about her last meeting with her mother whom she rejected until it was too late.

Her painful relationship with her father, the actor, Henry Fonda, is detailed, and there are frequent loving references to her brother, the actor, Peter Fonda. 

I skipped a lot of the parts about Vietnam, being that it is so painful and all, but the rest of it, I listened pretty well.  I have always been a Jane fan, despite her Vietnam saga which my military son (age 32) reminds me when her name comes up.  

But, we all make mistakes, don't we?  And she recognizes hers.
This book has got the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's not what I call a "yes" book ("Yes, my parents and children are super-fab"; "yes, I have no problems"; "yes, I have made no mistakes." You know the kind: "yes, they are boring and unreal").

What a cad that Ted Turner is:  "Women are like buses," he told her more than once, quoting his dad:  "There's always another one coming by."  Well you know what, Ted?  Men are like buses, too.  Wave while I pass.

Now Jane is happy, with a longtime significant, significant other (Richard Perry, record producer) after dumping Ted who cheated on her right from the get-go.  You can't strip the stripes from a tiger, and he's got his harem, but he doesn't got Jane.

Anyway, I flew through that intersection; lucky for me, no one was coming from the perpendicular direction. What was a girl to do?  It caught me unawares, kind of like this book, much better than expected, and not to be missed! Your library will have a copy.

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