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Monday, October 24, 2016

Cartoon idea: Trump the Titanic

"Untergang der Titanic", as conceived by Willy Stöwer, 1912
Created: 31 December 1911
Willy Stöwer, died on 31st May 1931 - Magazine Die Gartenlaube, en:Die Gartenlaube and de:Die Gartenlaube/Wikipedia

I imagine someone's already done this.  I wish I knew how to draw.

How about Trump's huge bust as the bow of the sinking ship? Raised in the air. His big image (hair, blowing in the wind and covering part of the ship)  consumes the entirety of the bow and behind him, on and off deck, are little men in suits and flopping ties (the wind; members of Congress) jumping ship and crying for help. Trump wears a tilted sailor's cap.

Can't you just see it?

Floating nearby in choppy waters (filled with likenesses of Hillary as shark heads) are struggling passengers and life boats loaded with humans.  On the slanting deck (the ship's going down) is the band seated and nonchalantly playing "God Save the U.S.A."

The ship has just crashed into a HUGE ("this is huge, folks!") iceberg on which a smirking (is she anything but?) Hillary looms large and/or carries the date: November 8.

Caption:  "We're going down! It's a sinking ship!  All hands overboard!"

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