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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Movie review: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' is dark and depressing

Oscar Isaac and Cat in Joel and Ethan Coen's Inside Llewyn Davis/Photo by Alison Rosa ©2012 Long Strange Trip LLC

All right, already.

Yes, it's the Coen Brothers.

Yes, I loved Fargo and O Brother, Where Are Thou? but this?  This?

You gotta love folk music to enjoy Inside Llewyn Davis, and I am not a big fan.  The looooong songs to the finish were excruciating.  Pure agony.  This movie is for folk music fans and sadomasochists who like to stick themselves with pins, eat liver, and sleep on rocks.

I mean, did anything go right for him?  Anything?  Except the cat. 

What went right for him?  Oh,  There was the couple who welcomed him again into their home after he tore it apart.  This was real?

The sun didn't shine once.  I don't need this kind of down and out melodrama.  Life is melodramatic enough without having to endure more pain.

Girls just want to have fun and this ain't got any.

Actually, I know a guy who matches Davis in almost every respect, even looks, and he used to live in New York.  So negative and dark about everything.  Expects the worst of everybody and every circumstance, and you know what?  That's what he gets.  A vicious circle/cycle/whatever/ round and round he goes.  

Attitude is everything, baby.  He ain't got the right one.  Consider whom Davis "loved."  You would love something that spews this constant venom?  (Carrie Mulligan's performance was the best of the lot.) On your menu, self-inflicted wounds coming right up.

Actually, you may think your life is a lot better after witnessing this.

Llewyn Davis reminded me of all those fellows who hang out and play guitar on the streets of lower Broadway in Nashville.  At least, their attitude is right.  They think they have a future, and some of them do.

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