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Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear National Gallery of Art: 'Tear down this wall'

The wall which screens a trailer at the West Building of the National Gallery of Art.  To the left is the Washington Monument and hiding in the trees on the right is the dome of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, all on the National Mall/Patricia Leslie
You know I love you, National Gallery of Art, or I wouldn't bring this up, but that old rotting, wooden fence on 7th which I've thought for years was temporary, is, for years, still there. The one that screens the landscaping equipment. The one with the ripped, chipped, buckling and peeling paint. It shows wear and tear. 
The warped and dilapidated fence at 7th and Madison at the corner of the West Building at the National Gallery of Art is an eyesore. The promotion on the fence promotes the current Color, Line, Light exhibition.  Have the Dykes seen this fence? Maybe a benefactor would pay to uproot it/Patricia LeslieDavid-Apollo couldn't take the feeble fence any more, and he left/Patricia Leslie

David-Apollo's maker would not approve, and, after seeing their furnishings, it's inconceivable the Kaufmans (a must-see, in the West Building) would hang around digs like this, but they are still there, waiting, I suppose, like the rest of us for this canker to heal.

The "privacy fence" at the West Building at the National Gallery of Art/Patricia Leslie

Have the Kaufmans seen this fence? May I suggest a "Friends of the Fence at the National Gallery of Art" to take it down/Patricia Leslie

It is so out-of-character for you, National Gallery of Art, contrasted with the beauty and glamour of your distinguished buildings and their contents!  This fence does not flow here.  It would flow at a junkyard in West Virginia (please excuse me, West Virginians, but you know what I mean). I don't think zoning laws permit junkyards within the confines of the District of Columbia.

It may look like a modern piece of art, but it's the deteriorating fence at the West Building of the National Gallery of Art/Patricia Leslie

Patricia Leslie

Since you are getting a face-lift at the East Building, can the doctors come down and uplift the old fence right outa there?   

The fence at the West Building of the National Gallery of Art/Patricia Leslie

I am surprised the National Park Service has not complained.  Are trailer parks allowed in D.C.?  Ones that stand for years? Did you know the trailer and fence show up as out-buildings on Google maps?

From a distance, the trailer, the peeling paint and age of the fence are not noticeable, so please stand back and do not look closely.  This is not a work of art/Patricia Leslie

What about planting some trees or big bushes as a privacy hedge? Your landscaping team does a magnificent job, but the fence, I imagine, is out of their hands.  

Your beauty is impinged by this eyesore. It's like the Mona Lisa with a band-aid across the corner of her chin.  It's time for the masters to come in and do their thing.  Surgeon:  Please heal this scar!

With deepest affection,

I ask you:  Which is more attractive?  Greens or peeling paint? The vehicles and equipment could be stored at the U.S. Capitol which is usually empty most months of the year/Patricia Leslie
Greens and pieces of the Earth are more attractive than the eyesore of a fence which has been standing for years at the West Building of the National Gallery of Art/Patricia Leslie

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