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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stephen Strasburg's last game

Stephen Strasburg contemplates the meaning of life from the pitcher's mound Friday night/Patricia Leslie from up in the sky somewhere

It was his last game at home.  (Update:  His last game anywhere this year.)

And, no doubt you've heard that it was not pretty. Amen, sister.

I was there and saw that he had a lousy night.

We all have lousy nights sometimes, and that's okay, Stephen. You didn't lose the game (ahem).

At first, I couldn't believe it.  That it was happening on one of the few nights I am in the ballpark.  This was Strasburg?

Looks like the perfect "W" to me, as in "Wins," "Washington," "Wind-up." Stephen Strasburg v. Miami Friday night/Patricia Leslie 

These are the emails I sent from the game to my son stationed in the Middle East:

Subject:  Am at Nats game

7:18 p.m.  $5 was cost of tic.!  N grandstand.  Seat not bad.  Strasburg pitching.  2nd to last game b4 he's shut down.  He's not having a good start.  Beer is $9!

7:19 p.m.  Miami scored 2 n 1st inning!

7:29 p.m.  Zimmy hit a homer so now it's tied.  Yay!  Harper was a fly out.

7:38 p.m.  Miami got a home run!  Stras is off.  Prob. b/c I m here.

7:50 p.m.  3rd inn. + they have anot. HR!  Stras is really off, prob b/c I m here.

8:10 p.m.  Stras was taken out! They lead 5-2; top of the 4th

Stephen Strasburg v. Miami Friday night/Patricia Leslie

From home at 12:17 a.m. and a new subject line:  It was Stras's last home game before he is shut down for the season

You've heard about this, haven't you?  It is quite controversial.  Harper lost the game for the Nats.  It was tied, and he dived for an outfield ball, missed it, and they scored 2. 

New subject line at 12:43 a.m.: Even the Nats' website says it was Stras's worst game!

And I was there.  Oh well, the ticket was less than the beer!

Earlier in the evening, oh around 6:15 before the game started, I went up to the beverage counter and asked for the cheapest possible beer I could buy, which, the sign said, was $8.25.

"Oh," said the attendant, "I don't have cups for those." 

"You don't have cups for those?" I asked incredulously.  "The sign says '$8.25.' I would like one of those beers for $8.25."

She repeated:  "I don't have cups for those."

"Waitaminute," I said, "the game hasn't even started yet and you are telling me you are out of $8.25 cups?"

"I don't have cups for those," she repeated. 

Yep, I settled for a $9 beer.  What was I supposed to do? Not drink beer at the ballpark?  HAHAHAHAHAHA. They've got a captured market.  

(Questions:  Why do they have "$8.25" on the sign if they don't sell $8.25 beer? Why couldn't she have given me $8.25 worth of beer in the $9 plastic cup (which I sent to my son in the Middle East today)?  Why not just put "$5.00" on the sign?  Or, I suppose the leap from $5 to $9 for beer on tap would be too big a hurdle for beer drinkers (psychologically speaking) to overcome, and it is likely that economists somewhere have studied price points and can demonstrate that if you tease the customer with a slightly lower price, she will go ahead and buy the higher-priced beer.  Especially if the lower-priced beer is not available.  It sounds like a dissertation topic to me. Is there a Federal Trade Commission sub-committee of a committee devoted to false and misleading beer prices at stadiums?  Just asking.)

Whatever it was, that $9 beer on tap was so good with heaps of mustard on my dog, and a cup of fries (= one additional pound on Saturday; not so good), all for the small sum of $19.50!  Gulp.  I did.

It was a glorious night to be outdoors, and those $5 grandstand seats (!) ain't bad to sit and watch and drink and eat and besides, we are on top!  (In more ways than one.)  We are the Nats!

See you next year, Stephen!  Go, Nats!

This looks like a Ferris wheel ride to me.  Why don't they make it one and sell beer tickets at $50 each so fans will have tickets to ride?/Patricia Leslie

As usual, Teddy was all smiles with his arm wrapped around a female/Patricia Leslie
This was just before Teddy tripped President Lincoln in the Presidents' Race/Patricia Leslie


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