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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Loch Ness monster scene in Scotland

In the distance "Nessie" made her appearance/Patricia Leslie

Take a look at these photos:  What do you think?  From a boat on the famed Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands last week, this is what we saw from onboard:  "Nessie" who (which?) inhabits the huge loch, according to legend, that is 22.5 miles long and quite deep (754'), but she (of course) needs all that space to roam. And swim.  And eat. (What does she eat?)

Nessie's presence was keenly observed/Patricia Leslie

Giving life to the much-searched sea creature was "Nessie's Monster Mash" premium beer sold on the boat which, to those who consumed it, made Nessie seem even larger than life, however, Nessie neither growled nor roared nor made any sounds whatsoever, strangely enough.  

The only noise came from liquid sloshing both onboard and overboard, and from the boat's crowd, captured by the sights and romance of the day and making toast to the subject which drew us to the gorgeous loch in the first place. 

The boat rocked gently whenever "Nessie" came up for air/Patricia Leslie

In a LiveScience story this month, Benjamin Radford makes folly of "sightings."  Whatever.

We were just happy our boat and crew were well enough equipped to supply all the necessities we needed:  a thorough description of Nessie and the search for her, a powerful boat engine to make a quick "getaway" (if needed), life jackets, Nessie books, trinkets, nuts, and plenty to drink, mate. 

The cattle weren't bothered too much by "Nessie"/Patricia Leslie

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