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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Raise Le Bar a Le Bar

It started off badly with a collision between my elbow and the beer on the tray the waitress was carrying behind me, with beer splattering on my coat, my purse, the chair, the table.

Did anyone say “I am sorry”?


Did the staff clean up or offer to clean up?


Did anyone bring a towel?

Not until I asked.

From there it went to a limeless Corona. When have you ever ordered a Corona which was delivered sans lime?

The only other time it happened to me was at le bar in rural Tennessee.

Anyway, I suppose the ambiance makes up for mishaps at Le Bar at the Sofitel Hotel at the corner of 15th and H.

Go with a fat wallet: a glass of white Zinfandel at Le Bar was $12. The “Mediterranean platter” ($16) came with adequate hummus and pesto, all right, but inadequate pita which means you order more pita which means an additional $3. I know, I know, it’s downtown D.C.; just thought I’d warn you.

No charge for dumped beer.

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