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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alliteration at the Caps Game


C’est vrai.

Male high school sophomores from Hermitage High School in Leesburg sat behind me at the Caps game Tuesday night. They were utterly charming and gentlemanly.

“Fight! Fight!” they screamed. “We want to see a fight! Fight ‘em!” they yelled constantly at the teams on the ice throughout the night (Caps and the Nashville Predators). My daughter would credit testosterone for it all.

“Let’s start a wave. I know we can do it. Come on, you guys,” urged one. I turned around and agreed to join them in “the wave” but it never got going.

Washington Wizards. Where are they?” one asked. The Wizards’ banners hung from the ceiling. They play at Verizon Center, too.

“Where did that name come from?” a buddy wondered. “Alliteration,” said another.

I was stunned. How many adults can define “alliteration”?

I turned in my seat and asked: “What did you say?”

They smiled and said in unison: “Alliteration.”

“Are you studying that in English class?”

They all gleamed and nodded yes.

“Your teacher would be proud,” I exclaimed.

Amidst the “fight, fight!” they practiced their third-year Spanish including “Por que, Jose, por que?” which they shouted at the Capitols’ goalie, Jose Theodore, whenever Jose would almost miss a stop.

When some of the group left their seats momentarily, the rest of the crew decided to play a trick when they returned.

I half listened. Hockey is fast moving and one must pay attention!

Sure ‘enuf, they played their trick.

“Oh, no! I don’t believe it! “ one grimaced as he took his seat. “We missed a fight?” one yelled.

Soon unbelief and consternation led to action and I felt a tap, tap tapping on my shoulder, and the ones who “missed” the fight wanted confirmation from me: “Was there a fight?”

I could not tell a lie which led to big hoo-haws and guffaws and laughter, and the guys put up their fists for a fist-bump with me.

They came with the DECA Club from their high school, a big impressive group out to have a good time with their schoolmates and show a stranger a good time, too.

It was a good night for victories all around for the Caps won 4-3 , and so did I.

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