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Monday, September 15, 2008

An Inverse Ratio at the Cosmopolitans Friday Night

If you are single, over age 50 (the invitation says 40 but never mind), like to dress up (black tie optional), and dance to a live band and not a DJ, you will like the Cosmopolitans dances held four times a year for $50 each (advance) especially if you are male.

Females: N O T

Friday night's soiree, if it can be called that, was at the Austrian Embassy, a good place to dance and a lovely venue with free parking nearby, located amidst several embassies off Van Ness.

The band, "Tapestry," was good, playing the oldies to the crowd, and the food, a value for the price (heavy
hors d'oeuvres, a nice substitute for dinner), and a male/female ratio of 33.3/66.6 more or less.

In the "group" dance the ratio changed to approximately 10/90. Take a look at the pictures at the web site for proof.

Most (95%) of the crowd was Caucasian.

Cash bar.

Another typically social evening in Washington, D.C. where females vastly outnumber males. C'est la vie!

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