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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Live from a Pentagon Hill: Fireworks Fiasco on the Fourth

By the Queen of Free

From atop the hill behind the Pentagon, below the Air Force Memorial, we joined hundreds of others to see the Fourth of July fireworks display on the Mall Friday night.

We waited for what seemed like double the 45 minutes until the fireworks blasted away. The throng on the hill "oohed and aahed."

The chorus of sounds reacting to the sights from a distance didn't last long, however, for the fireworks were quickly engulfed by a huge mushrooming black cloud which immediately began to cover the show. Was it smoke from the fireworks? It grew bigger with each blast. Have you ever seen fireworks covered up? Nor had we.

Within minutes, the only thing to be seen was a bare periphery of the color and majesty. The sound of silence from the big crowd was stunning. A drizzle began and umbrellas went up. Before five minutes passed, hilltoppers packed up belongings and families, and headed away, down the hill, to drier spaces. What reason was left to stay?

Among those around us, we agreed that like everything else going wrong in our country, the big black cloud was certainly George Buzh's fault. It had to be. Didn't he ignore Kyoto and make fun of global warming? At least, until it affected an animal with which he is familiar: the polar bear. The black cloud was certainly related to global warming.

On the other hand, it could also be perceived as George Buzh's liftoff from Washington, D.C., and for that we are grateful. "So long, Buzh," we exclaimed, clapping "high fives" with our new friends on the hill. Next year, the cloud will be gone.

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